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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 20.00%
Additional terms By joining the program, you are truly our partner. We only make money, if you make money! This is why we will reward you with $ on every purchase that is made as a result of someone clicking on your unique referral link.

We’ve been focusing on hair extensions for many years and now has been a leader in this business. Our KingHair always represents your unique beauty. Great hair extensions, like a perfectly applied foundation, naturally complement the very essence of your beauty. We believe that everyone deserves to have the hair of their dreams. That's why we’re here to help you transform and love your hair!

We devote ourselves to providing you with exceptional products, resources, and customer service because we believe in bringing value to every single one of you.

If you need any help with purchase, exchange, return or cancellation, please feel free to contact us.

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Have Faith in KINGHAIR®?

Join our Affiliates program and begin earning commission on orders made by customer you refer.

How It Works:

  1. You share your referral link on your website, Instagram bio, YouTube Videos, Facebook, Pinterest, Emails, etc.
  2. Someone clicks your link and visits our site.
  3. If that visitor places an order within 30 Days, you will get credit for the sale.
  4. We deposit all your commission into your PayPal account once a week.


  1. 20% commission on all sales.
  2. Access to exclusive Affiliates only promotion codes.
  3. Early access to New Arrivals.